Yes, You Can Find a Room in Vermont During Foliage Season!

first_imgThroughout the busy foliage season those who servetourists are faced with last minute travelers looking for a place to stay.The Vermont Department of Tourism and Marketing launched a new tool in mid-September that will assist the tourism industry in connecting travelers and lodging properties. This simple, online system allows any lodging establishment in the state to post and update their current room availability throughout the day.As of September 26, as many as 150 Vermont lodging properties were logging on daily to enter the current room availability. “We think it’svery exciting to have this service, which lets travelers and innkeepers find each other immediately. It really works; it’s a wonderful idea,” said Jennifer Karpin, manager at The Grafton Homestead.The listings are immediately available to staff at Vermont Information and Welcome Centers, Regional Marketing Organizations, chambers ofcommerce, and operators at the 1-800-Vermont teleservicing center. Availability can be sorted by region of the state, town, number of rooms available, or by the time the listing was last updated.Even a lodging property that has filled its own rooms can use the system to help additional travelers who show up at their front desk.Listings from the previous day are cleared automatically from the system at 5 a.m. each morning. Properties that register will receive anautomatic email reminder to update the current day’s information. This ensures only current information is displayed.Vermont tourism officials expect an excellent 2002 foliage season, which means about 4.5 million people will be booking lodging accommodations during the season. For foliage conditions and scenic tours is external)last_img read more

WHO voices new concern about avian flu

first_imgJul 8, 2004 (CIDRAP News) – In the face of new outbreaks, the World Health Organization (WHO) today expressed renewed concern about the implications of H5N1 avian influenza for human health and appealed for increased scrutiny of infections in animals and humans.The latest outbreaks in China and Vietnam, along with two new research reports, suggest that the virus is more widespread and may be more difficult to eliminate than was previously thought, the WHO said. The agency said its laboratory network needs virus isolates and clinical specimens from all the recent outbreaks so it can better monitor the circulating strains.As it has before, the WHO expressed concern that influenza A(H5N1) could acquire the ability to spread readily from person to person, which could lead to a global flu pandemic. In the widespread outbreaks in East Asia earlier this year, the virus jumped to humans, causing at least 34 cases and 23 deaths. But all the human patients apparently acquired the virus directly from birds.In recent weeks, new outbreaks of avian flu have been reported in Vietnam, China, and Thailand. No new human cases have been reported, however. Chinese officials have said they confirmed the presence of H5N1 virus in their outbreak.The WHO noted that a recent report by Chinese researchers indicates that the virus appears to be widespread in domestic ducks in southern China. The researchers also found that the virus has been causing increasingly severe disease, but that finding was based on tests in mice and may not have direct implications for humans, the WHO said. The article was published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences (see link below).Another report, published this week in Nature, “indicates domestic and wild birds in the region may have contributed to the increasing spread of the virus and suggests that the virus is gaining a stronger foothold in the region,” the WHO said. “These observations suggest that control of the virus may be even more difficult than thought in the spring.”The statement went on to say that known risk-management tools can control poultry outbreaks of H5N1 avian flu, though it may take months or years to control the virus completely. But the risk to human health is not well understood, and tools for assessing that risk are less developed, the agency said.It is not clear why, after circulating in Asia for several years, the virus has not picked up the ability to infect humans easily, the WHO said. The agency called for, and offered to help with, urgent “risk assessment activities, including surveillance in animals and humans, and strain analysis.””More knowledge of the virus could be acquired if WHO had full access to all virus isolates and clinical specimens from recent outbreaks,” officials said. “All H5N1 viruses are not the same, and how they differ could provide important insights.” For example, the avian flu virus in Indonesia differs slightly from those in Vietnam and Thailand, but the significance of the difference is unknown.The WHO said it is continuing pandemic preparedness efforts that were launched during the avian flu outbreaks earlier this year. The agency is collaborating with scientists and the pharmaceutical industry to monitor changes in the virus’s susceptibility to antiviral drugs. In addition, two US vaccine manufacturers have produced a supply of trial vaccine for pandemic flu. Samples from recent outbreaks would help the WHO assess the adequacy of the strain used in the pandemic vaccine, officials said.The WHO also said:Governments should provide human flu vaccinations to workers who cull poultry to control outbreaks.Everyone exposed to infected birds should be provided with antivirals.Human trials of experimental pandemic flu vaccines should be accelerated.See also:Jul 8 WHO statement of study in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences read more

Long Branch Library Starts Delivery For Homebound

first_imgBy Liz Sheehan LONG BRANCH – As the Long Branch Free Public Library celebrates its 100th year, it has added a new service: doorstop delivery of books and other library materials to residents who are confined to their homes for medical reasons.“I see it as an important service,” said library staff member Kate Angelo. “Homebound people are part of the community.”Angelo, who now holds a Master’s of Library and Information Science from Rutgers University, said the new idea got a kick start when the library received a grant from the New Jersey Foundation for Aging in honor of one of the group’s trustees, Renee Sklaw, a lifelong resident and avid reader who frequented the library until she was homebound. Sklaw died in 2015. The grant opened a door.“That’s when we got the motivation,” she said.To qualify, patrons must have a library card or be able to present “an appropriate identification” in order to obtain a card.The city of Long Branch will provide the vehicle and fuel for the deliveries, and Angelo will make the deliveries with another staff member. There are several senior housing complexes in the city which would likely use the service, she said.Patrons can choose their own subjects by email or telephone. If they are unsure, the library staff can use a reader’s profile to learn the patron’s preferences and peeves in order to make recommendations. Every kind of circulating library material will be available, except for new DVDs.The Middletown Township Library also offers a homebound service program, with volunteers visiting residents’ homes with registration applications and books. Those interested in the program can go to the township library’s website or call 732-671-3700 for more information.The Long Branch library centennial is being celebrated this year. It was incorporated in 1916 and received a Carnegie Grant for $30,000 in 1917. The grant was used to construct the building at 328 Broadway which still serves as the main branch of the library, which has another branch in Elberon.Andrew Carnegie was a Scottish-American philanthropist and businessman who financed the building of 1,689 libraries in the United States as well as many others in other countries, including Ireland, England and Canada.There were 37 library buildings built in New Jersey with Carnegie grants, with 17 still remaining. In Monmouth County, in addition to Long Branch, Avon, Belmar and Freehold continue to use the Carnegie-funded buildings.For information on the program contact Kate Angelo at 732-222-3900, ext. 2270 or [email protected]last_img read more

Oceanport OEM Director, Members Resign

first_imgIn his prepared remarks at the Oct. 18 meeting, Baldanzasaid OEM members have “no confidence in members of thepublic safety and finance committees,” groups that includeborough council members Joseph Irace, Steven Solan andRobert Proto, all of whom are running for reelection on theRepublican ticket in November. Proto said one of the vehicles requested was an “$85,000pickup truck.” Also announcing their resignation from OEM assistant director roles were Chris Baggot, Wes Sherman and Oceanport Chief of Police Michael Kelly. “Over the last two years the chair of the public safety committee, Steve Solan, asked (Baldanza) to tell us how much it would cost to outfit his current vehicle, another taxpayer-funded pickup truck that he drives each day to and from his full-time job in Long Branch. That would have been the most cost-effective and fiscally responsible option for taxpayers. He wouldn’t tell us,” Proto said. OCEANPORT – Ahead of the seventh anniversary of Super Storm Sandy’s New Jersey landfall, a number of the borough’s office of emergency management (OEM) personnel announced they would resign from their volunteer posts, effective Jan. 1, 2020. Proto said it is the responsibility of the OEM director to have a succession plan in place, “but we’ll make sure that the town is not in any risk. When the time comes we will appoint a qualified person to develop a team. The town won’t skip a beat.” The cost of the requested vehicle, Baldanza said, is due to its design, which is based on the potential risk factors the community could face, including severe flooding, hurricane winds and large crowds drawn to Monmouth Park racetrack. In April Coffey said he would not be seeking a second mayoral term, as he felt ineffective in a form of government that limits the powers of the mayor. In the borough form of government, the mayor only has a vote on council matters to break a tie. The mayor does have veto power, but that veto may be overruled by a two-thirds council vote. Proto called the resignations a “political stunt.” Coffey said he will be reaching out to try and convince theOEM members to reconsider. Baldanza disputed Proto’s claim, saying, “It wasn’t untilJune 2019 that I had to text our CFO and ask if the new vehiclewas being funded. I was told it was not. I never heard a wordfrom the public safety or finance committees.” “This is nothing more than orchestrated political theater and it’s upsetting to see the depths that they’re willing to sink to,” said Proto, who was the lone mayoral candidate in the borough before Mayor Jay Coffey, a Democrat, announced his run for reelection in May on an independent ticket with Democrat Meghan Walker and Republican Tom Tvrdik. “Oceanport is built on the backs of volunteers and right now I don’t think our volunteers believe that the majority of the members of our municipal council are supportive of them,” Coffey added. Coffey said the resignation of this OEM leadership group“is a severe blow to our community. But when elected officialsmake volunteers feel unwanted and unsupported and, in turn,the volunteers believe they are not making a difference, thereis a problem.” “It’s been seven years since Sandy has passed and we keep on trying to do a lot of positive things for public safety, and when you just don’t see anything coming back your way, it kind of knocks the wind out of your sails,” Baldanza said in an Oct. 29 interview. The former Oceanport police officer of 30 years has served in an emergency management role for 18 years, including 14 as the OEM director. In a statement delivered at the final borough council meeting before the Nov. 5 general election, OEM director Mauro “Buzz” Baldanza said his passion for the position “has been waning” and attributed that deterioration to a lack of support from community leaders. But Baldanza said the Durango’s engine failed in January 2018 and the repair “would have cost more than the vehicle was worth.” After removing the vehicle from service, according to Baldanza, the OEM submitted two quotes for a new vehicle during a capital request period. Baldanza said he and his assistant OEM directors will remain on until Dec. 31 to help guide the town through hurricane season, as well as to leave time for the mayor and council to identify their replacements. Baldanza said the final straw was the rejection of a request for a new primary emergency response vehicle. He added that the previous vehicle was a 2004 Dodge Durango that had been fully outfitted with radio communications equipment, a laptop computer with internet capabilities and a rear command console for various documents, supplies and electronics. last_img read more

Leafs, Rebels face off in Murdoch Showdown Wednesday

first_img“The game is massive,” said Leaf captain Colton Schell. “Going into the Christmas break and getting a win over Castlegar would be huge for us.”The Rebels lead the season series against the Leafs going 2-1-1.Both games in the Sunflower City have ended up in 1-0 wins by the Rebels.”We’ve got to get traffic in front of the net and force (Jordan Gluck) to shift from side to side,” Schell explained when asked about breaking the scoreless streak.Nelson, winners of two straight and seven out of the past eight games, no doubt needs to slow down the Rebels top scorers, led by veteran Stuart Walton.However, Schell said to stop the Rebel offence is a defence by committee, with everyone pitching in.”Everyone contributes on this team no matter whose on the ice,” said Schell, who leads the KIJHL in scoring with 51 points.Game time is 7 p.m.The Leafs are idle until Friday, December 28 when the club hosts the Spokane Braves in the first of a two-game home-and-home series.Monday, December 31, the Beaver Valley Nitehawks invade the NDCC Arena for the traditional New Year’s Eve contest set for 2:30 p.m. The Rebels are coming.The Rebels are coming.And the Nelson Leafs are ready.”That is the biggest game of the year for us so far this season,” said Leafs Linden Horswill minutes after Friday’s win over Creston.”It’s really a four point game for us.”Castlegar enters the game trailing the Murdoch Division leading Leafs by four points after knocking off the Grand Forks Border Bruins Tuesday night in the Sunflower City.And no doubt Castlegar will be looking to close the gap even more after gaining only one point during the weekend —  5-5 tie against Golden.last_img read more

LVR need tie-breaker to capture Bomber Baseball Invitational

first_imgLVR opened the tournament with a tough 7-6 loss to Mount Baker Wild. The loss was the first of the season for LVR after the Heritage City squad opened undefeated in 10 games against American competition.However, the Bombers roared back with three consecutive wins over Selkirk of Kimberley (13-3), Vulcan (13-3) and Mount Boucherie 13-5.The decision over Boucherie forced the three-way tie, setting up the tie-breaker — decided by runs for and against, calculated with only the teams tied.Mount Boucherie had a 4 and – 8 for a total of -4; Mount Baker had a 1 and – 4 for a total of – 3, and L. V. Rogers had a 8 and -1 for a total of 7.EXTRA INNINGS: Sunday, Bomber Austin Tambellini signed a letter of intent to play college baseball at Hill College in Hillsbourough Texas, for the 2015 – 2016 school year. The L.V. Rogers Bombers bounced back from an early loss to capture the Bombers High School Baseball Tournament Saturday at Butler Park in Trail.The Bombers won the tournament on a tie-breaker after three teams — LVR, Mount Boucherie of Kelowna and Cranbrook’s Mount Baker — finished in a three-way tie with 3-1 records.last_img read more

Cooper sparks Leafs to 12-3 thrashing of Fernie Ghostriders

first_imgThe Nelson Leafs busted out of an early season offensive slump in a big way Friday night at the NDCC Arena.Ryan Cooper finished with five points as the Leafs pounded visiting Fernie Ghostriders 12-3 in Kootenay International Junior Hockey League action.In the previous two games Nelson managed to score only two goals — a 1-0 victory over Beaver Valley Nitehawks and a 2-1 loss to Kimberley Dynamiters.Friday, Nelson had no problem with the Fernie goalies, scoring three times in the opening two periods before unleashing a six-goal explosion in the third period on the winless Ghostriders. Cooper, Ethan Beattle and captain Sawyer Hunt each scored twice for Nelson with singles going to Ryan Piva, Justin Podgroenko, Zach Morey, David Sanchez, Jack Karran and Jackson Zimmermann.Ethan Land and Beattle finished the game with three points while Dash Thompson, Sanchez, Hunt, Karran and Zimmermann all had two points.Nelson goalie Josh Williams, won for the second time this season as the Leafs outshot the Riders 41-17.The win moves the Leafs into a four-way tie for top spot in the Murdoch Division with Castlegar, Grand Forks and Spokane.Nelson completes an early-season, four-game home stand Saturday when Columbia Valley Rockies pay a visit to the Heritage City.Game time is 7 p.m.The Rockies were blasted 9-3 in Castlegar Friday by the Rebels.last_img read more

Temple Athletics mourns longtime public address announcer

first_img“Rest In Peace Merv,” Staley said in a statement on Twitter. “The voice of our program. Neither met a stranger. Overall great man!! There are a lot of great @TempleOwls who will welcome you home. Godspeed to the Jones Family!” “All of Temple Athletics is in mourning due to the loss of a great man and Owl, Merv Jones,” Patrick Kraft, Temple’s director of athletics, said in a statement. “For three decades, Merv’s booming voice delivered the action of Temple Football and Basketball games to fans at Lincoln Financial Field, the Liacouras Center and McGonigle Hall.” Jones graduated from Temple University in 1988 with a degree in radio, television, and film. He then went on to work at the Greatest Sports Legends TV series and co-produce the A&E series The Gifted Ones.  On Wednesday, Temple Athletics announced the death of Merv Jones, Temple’s longtime public address announcer and former athletics communications assistant director, after a “long bout” with cancer. Jones was 54. Jones left his position with Temple Athletics in 2004 to work with Steve Rotfeld Productions in Philadelphia. Jones is survived by his parents, Mervin and Catherine, his sisters, Angela and Kathy Beverly, and his brother, André.center_img Jones returned to Temple in 1998 as an adjunct professor teaching a class called ‘Racism in College Athletics.’ That year, he became the public address announcer for Temple football and Temple Men’s basketball.  “Merv was the consummate professional and loved his Temple Owls, but more importantly, he was a great man beloved by all who knew him,” said Larry Dougherty, Temple’s senior associate athletic director, via Twitter.  Two years later, he joined the Temple Athletics staff as an assistant director in the Owls’ media relations department. He handled the media relations for Temple Women’s basketball coach and Naismith Hall of Famer Dawn Staley. last_img read more

Under new management

first_imgThe city will earn $381,900 more in revenue over the three years than it did from Ventura, according to city documents. In addition to the $750,000 LEBA will pay the city, the company will also pay $20,000 to the county’s Department of Public Works for graffiti abatement. But Salcido said the City Council should expect much more from such a valuable piece of property. “The contract with LEBA is essentially a mirror image of the old one,” Salcido said. “Yes, the financial benefits are significantly more, however it’s not enough for 60 acres fronting the 605 \ Freeway.” Salcido said he favored tearing down the arena and starting from scratch. “It’s been a money pit for it’s entire existence,” he said “And it’s never fully benefitted the vast majority of residents. “I don’t personally know anyone who’s gone to an event at that place,” he added. [email protected] (562) 698-0955, Ext. 3029160Want local news?Sign up for the Localist and stay informed Something went wrong. Please try again.subscribeCongratulations! You’re all set! Councilman Greg Salcido was the lone dissenter and Councilman David Armenta was absent. LEBA, Inc. had been subcontracted by Ventura for the past five years to book entertainment and currently has some events already scheduled up to a year from now, said spokesman Bob Spencer. The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers owns the property but the city owns the Sports Arena, he said. Recent concern by the Army Corps over the condition of the site led to the termination of a lease with the Fiesta Swap Meet on the Arena grounds. “We tried to come up with a timeframe,” Beilke said. “We will commission a study of the possibilities that we can do with the property. We all agree we have a vision. We just need to decide, do we start from scratch or refurbish it. “That’s why we went with the 3-year lease,” he added. PICO RIVERA – A new 3-year contract for concessionaire services at the Pico Rivera Sports Arena will reportedly double the city’s annual revenue from what the previous vendor could earn, said officials. In a 3-1 vote at this week’s regular meeting, the Council approved a contract that will earn the city $750,000 over three years for LEBA, Inc. to run the 60-acre sports complex. The city’s 15-year contract with Ventura Productions – the previous vendor – will expire May 17. Mayor Ron Beilke and Council members Gracie Gallegos-Smith and Bob Archuleta voted for the new contract, saying the city can earn money while staff researched and initiated plans for the site during the three years. last_img read more

Life in a Day – on YouTube

first_img8 Best WordPress Hosting Solutions on the Market Top Reasons to Go With Managed WordPress Hosting Related Posts curt hopkins Why Tech Companies Need Simpler Terms of Servic… A Web Developer’s New Best Friend is the AI Wai… If you found those “Day in a Life” books fascinating, you may find YouTube’s latest experiment, Life in a Day, equally interesting. If on the other hand, you found them disappointingly insipid, this may not be your bag. Life in a Day is being marketed as a “user-generated feature film shot in a single day.” The creators are asking people around the world to upload their quotidian videos to a YouTube channel. The director, Kevin MacDonald (“The Last King of Scotland”), will cut it together.Produced by Ridley Scott, the director of “Black Hawk Down,” “Gladiator” and “Blade Runner,” the film is also planning to fold in video from cameras given to people (including NGO workers) in “remote” places. Presumably, all the video is supposed to have been shot on July 24. However, as a clock on the YouTube Channel indicates, contributors have until the end of the month to upload that video. Whose life is it anyway? One of the key issues with a project like this is how honest the filmmakers are about how much of their sensibilities and values inflect the project. The other is, simply put, how interesting it will be as a film. To these issues should probably be added the effect Google will have on the how and why of the film. Google, which owns YouTube, is deeply involved with its production. It’s difficult to say how hands-off a company when it has an opportunity to leave its fingerprints on a Ridley Scott movie. Merely by spearheading it and influencing its manner of gathering and distribution it’s already done a great deal of that.No, but seriously. A day in whose life? The film has been pre-accepted into the Sundance Film Festival. It has been reported that the contributors whose videos are used will not be paid, but the film will not be sold to a studio either. Instead, it will be available for viewing on YouTube. 20 contributors will be brought to the Sundance premiere, apparently.Frankly, it’s difficult to imagine how the film is going to capture an average day in anyone’s life, much less the whole of a day for everyone. Among the many elements that will inform the shape of the finished product are the following. It’s being produced by an action movie directorContributors are required to abide by YouTube’s TOSThe film has been pre-approved by one of the world’s leading money factories for new moviesIt looks like it will be larded with self-consciously authentic video from remote places*It seems more likely that a film about a specific time and definitely place by a single filmmaker might have a better chance of universality than a documentary about everyone by anyone. But we will, quite literally, see about that. Tags:#Real World#user-generated content#web *Just for the record: I’m reasonably certain that Namibia doesn’t seem remote to the folks in Windhoek. And G-d protect us from a Dreadlock J. Collegestudent’s paternalistic videos of Haiti or Cornelius Jamcrumpet III’s fearless footage of himself hugging the Mashantucket Pequots!last_img read more