Fisher Investments CEO heralds the singularity

first_imgGlobal financial asset manager Ken Fisher swept into Camas on Thursday, but if you expected him to talk about emerging markets or U.S. central bank policy, forget it.Instead, the founder of Woodside, Calif.-based Fisher Investments visited the Camas-Washougal Chamber of Commerce evidently to blow people’s minds about the fact that their minds won’t be able to comprehend what’s coming.And what’s coming, Fisher said, is the “singularity.”The concept, popularized by futurist Ray Kurzweil, says in 20 years or so we’ll have computers that are powerful enough to simulate the human brain.Eventually, those computers will become far more powerful than the human brain. As a result, information will be shared at hyperspeed. National borders and institutions will fall. The singularity, Fisher said, will knock doctors out of the process of obtaining medicine and render media as we know it nonexistent.Got that?Or, as Fisher interjected often during his speech: “You follow me?”At times, Fisher, who’s building a collection of office towers on 120 acres in Camas, was flippant. “I don’t take what I say that seriously,” he said at one point.last_img read more