Govt needs to provide greater security after public events

first_imgDear Editor,I agree with Mr Nazar Mohammed (Guyana Times Oct 8) that it was indeed great CPL 20/20 cricket last week at Providence, East Bank Demerara. Congrats to our Amazon Warriors and the management and owner of the team. The GAW made the nation feel proud even though not all players were Guyanese. The matches and the team’s performance brought Guyanese of all ethnicities together. However, there are some minor non-cricketing issues that need attention.Nazar made some poignant observations and offered valid suggestions on improving the surrounding areas of the Providence Stadium whenever cricket, or entertainment, or expos are staged. Like him, I too observed issues pertaining to cleanliness (pollution) and security that need to be improved. All stakeholders – the management of the stadium, and the Government — need to come together to address public concerns of safety and garbage collection (to maintain a clean environment).Mr Mohammed is right about garbage being strewn around or in the vicinity of the stands including in the VIP and VVIP areas. This makes our country look bad in the eyes of the international community. Cleanliness and a green environment should be a concern of all. Matches are broadcasted live and many visitors fly into Guyana to take in the entertainment. We don’t want the world to get an impression of Guyana as an unkempt place.Like Mr Nazar, I too witnessed people being robbed and molested on the roads post-event. The large presence of people on the roads did not deter bandits determined to pillage and rob. Even people inside minibuses were targeted, held up (robbed). Bandits (thugs) grabbed peoples’ phones and ran away. Girls received unwanted touches. In the late evening, some were stranded without transportation and placed under threat.Police were not to be found. They were inside the stand and/or directing traffic coming out of the stadium or sent off duty or gone elsewhere. A larger police presence is needed at these events. And armed units need to be spread out on the East Bank at least a mile from the stadium particularly going towards town. This will serve as a deterrent to those aiming or planning to prowl on unsuspecting victims.Government earns a lot of revenues when these events are staged at providence. Government needs to place greater attention on post events security. Government or management needs to do more on cleaning the stand area – inside and outside. Government needs to provide ample security post-event. Government should revisit the requisite tools and guidelines to improve security for fans and so instruct ranks. Everyone should feel safe after an event. There should be Police presence until every fan has left the area unless they choose to remain.Yours truly,Vishnu Bisramlast_img read more