Rep LaFave calls for additional school safety measures

first_img Categories: LaFave News 23May Rep. LaFave calls for additional school safety measures New plan allows teachers to carry pepper spray, TasersState Rep. Beau LaFave today introduced a plan giving teachers additional options to protect themselves and their students while on school property.LaFave, of Iron Mountain, said his legislation would allow teachers to carry pepper spray and electro-muscular disruption devices, commonly known as Tasers.“Every second matters during a school shooting, but the unfortunate reality is that the closest police offices are often minutes away,” LaFave said. “We must look at all options to prevent school shootings and make sure our students and teachers are not sitting ducks when one breaks out. This plan gives teachers more than bookmarks and staplers to defend themselves.”Under the plan laid out in House Bills 6066-67, all teachers would be allowed to carry self-defense sprays and foams in the school at which they are employed. Teachers would be required to obtain a concealed pistol license and undergo specialized Taser training if they want to possess a Taser.“A school employee who is armed with pepper spray or a Taser has the potential to save countless lives by quickly and efficiently incapacitating the gunman,” LaFave said. “This is a simple plan that offers non-lethal options many teachers will feel comfortable using.”LaFave said school districts will have the option to ban the items on school property, if administrators so choose.The legislation was referred to the House Judiciary Committee for consideration.###last_img read more