The Floozies Announces Major Red Rocks Performance With Incredible Support

first_imgTell your mother, because The Floozies are headlining Red Rocks this fall! On October 8th, The Floozies will be performing alongside Michal Menert + The Pretty Fantastics, SunSquabi and Russ Liquid for one night of musical insanity. Morrison, CO is about to get electro-funky with all four of these great actsThe Floozies are currently on tour with SunSquabi, while Menert has been opening up select shows for Lotus on recent dates. These bands are primed and ready to go, and after a full schedule of summer festivals, they’ll be itching to get out to the acclaimed Red Rocks venue. Oh yeah!Interview: How Kool & The Gang And The Floozies Are Both The Essence Of FunkPre-sale tickets can be found here, and they come with an exclusive signed poster! Don’t miss out.last_img

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