eConsulting: The amount of the annual flat tax is reduced by 50%

first_imgAs given that the business activity of these entities has decreased due to the coronavirus epidemic, it is proposed to take into account this situation by reducing the obligation to pay membership fees in 2020 for this category of taxpayers by 50%, the explanation says. eConsulting: RULEBOOK ON AMENDMENTS TO THE RULEBOOK ON ANNUAL Lump sum AMOUNT OF MEMBERSHIP FEE FOR PERSONS PROVIDING CATERING SERVICES IN THE HOUSEHOLD AND ON THE FAMILY AGRICULTURAL HOUSEHOLDER “As tourism has been severely affected by the unavoidable circumstances and it is still uncertain what the outcome of this season will be, please consider once again the possibility of charging private renters tourist dues for 2020 on the basis of the old Ordinance, ie on based on the realized turnover as the fairest way of collecting the tourist membership fee.”Is one of the comments and suggestions from the Tourist Board of the Municipality of Rakovica. The Ministry of Tourism, through the eSavjetovanje portal, published amendments to the Ordinance amending the Ordinance on the annual lump sum membership fee for persons providing catering services in households and family farms and on the Tourist Board forms for paying membership fees to the tourist board. Get involved in the public debate. last_img read more

Tokyo 1964, Japan’s miracle Olympics that paved way for 2020

first_imgTokyo: Yoshinori Sakai was born in the most painful conditions imaginable: in Hiroshima, the same day the atomic bomb was dropped. Nineteen years later, Sakai symbolised Japan’s recovery after World War II by lighting the 1964 Tokyo Olympics flame.The final relay of the torch by Sakai was one of the biggest moments of the games’ opening ceremony, which lifted the collective self-esteem of the country after years of hardship and which now serves as a landmark for Tokyo 2020.“If you think what Japan was like in 1945 and then you think in 1964, the first Asian nation pulling off arguably the most challenging logistical exercise in the world at that time, the Olympics. It was an amazing accomplishment,” Roy Tomizawa, author of ‘1964 – The greatest year in the History of Japan’,” told Efe news in an interview.Tomizawa said that after the war the West portrayed the Japanese as suicidal and fanatical soldiers, but in 1964 they discovered an open and modern Tokyo that had skyscrapers, a country that broadcast the Olympic Games globally for the first time in colour, and inaugurated the first high-speed railway line in the world.“It was a major feeling of accomplishment for the Japanese. They felt perhaps that they were welcomed back to the global community,” the author added, and said that Sakai lighting the Olympic flame was seen as a very powerful moment.Even Emperor Naruhito, who at that time was only 4 years old, said during a press conference on his 60th birthday that those games was his first encounter with the world and during which – due to the atmosphere and cooperation among the sportspersons of different countries – became a foundation for his sense of global peace.The title of the best Olympics of all times is disputed. Former International Olympic Committee (IOC) president Juan Antonio Samaranch awarded it to Barcelona 1992, but then did the same with Sydney 2000. Decades before, American magazine “Life” had already given the honours to Tokyo 1964.“What’s the definition of greatest Olympics ever? It’s unfair to compare Olympics, but there is no doubt that the 1964 Tokyo Olympics was great,” Tomizawa said.On the sports field, during the Tokyo 1964 games, Ethiopia’s Abebe Bikila was crowned the men’s marathon champion for the second time, and American Bob Hayes won gold in the 100-metre race after levelling the then record of 10.0 seconds.Former Soviet artistic gymnast Larisa Latynina, who had been successful in the two previous games, claimed two gold, two silver and two bronze medals and became the first Olympian to win 18 medals, a record which was broken 48 years later by swimmer Michael Phelps.Japan managed an exceptional third place in the medals table after the United States and the Soviet Union. One of its most outstanding sporting moments was the gold medal win by the Japanese female volleyball team in defeating the Soviet team, leading to euphoria in the host country.Some of the venues built for the 1964 events, such as the iconic Yoyogi National Gymnasium, designed by architect Kenzo Tange, will be used in this coming Summer Olympics in the so called “heritage zone,” set apart form the new constructions in the Tokyo Bay area.The newly built National Stadium was constructed on the same location as the original venue that hosted the opening and closing ceremonies in 1964, the legacy of which is symbolized in a replica of the Olympic torch placed at the front of the facade, next to Japan’s Olympic Museum.For Roy Tomizawa, Tokyo 2020 cannot imitate the context or environment of the 1964 games as these Olympics are “different” and this time they do not seek to recover from difficulties but about “rebranding the nation” and “telling the rest of the world – if they were not aware – that Japan is a wonderful country,” Tomizawa said.During the 2013 selection process of the Olympics 2020 venue, Japan opted to present the games as the recovery from the devastating 2011 earthquake and tsunami.The Olympic torch will begin its journey on Japanese territory from Fukushima prefecture – slammed by the 2011 nuclear disaster – but Tomizawa feels that the concept of the Olympics as a rebound event is no longer emphasized as there is no need. Other stratum of the Japanese society believe that Tokyo 2020 could be a symbol of the opening up of a homogeneous society towards different races and sexual identities.Irrespective of what Tokyo 2020 means for Japanese society, the 1964 games left a legacy of overcoming difficult times and, according to Tomizawa “the desire to be included in the global community as friends and allies,” which regarded the event as an example of “Japan at its very best.” IANSAlso Read: Japan confident of hosting Tokyo Olympics despite CoronavirusAlso Watch: Rapido Captains become jobless from Satuday! Expressed their pain before THE SENTINEL DIGITALlast_img read more

Lady Jags head coach ‘goes hunting’ for more talent

first_img– Coach shares plans to prepare Guyana for knockout round of U-20 Women’s Qualifiers GUYANA topped Group A to advance to the Round-of-16 for the CONCACAF U-20 Women’s Championships Qualifier tournament, in their quest to be one of the three confederation representatives at the 2020 FIFA U-20 Women’s World Cup in Nigeria. Guyana, in their first game, outclassed Bermuda 2 – 0, and would go on to defeat both Antigua and Barbuda, as well as St Lucia by the exact scoreline. In their final game of the tournament, Guyana defeated rivals Suriname 3 – 1 to maintain their perfect record and was the only team in Group A to concede only one goal.Dr Ivan Joseph – Lady Jags Head CoachJenea Knight (double against Bermuda), Tiandi Smith (St Lucia and Suriname) and Captain Brianne Desa (Antigua and Suriname) scored two goals each, while Tori DeNobrega (Suriname), Kiana Khedoo (Antigua) and Nailah Rowe (St Lucia) were the other players to find the net for the Lady Jags.However, despite the Guyanese women’s dominant display during their run in the four games played, Head Coach Dr Ivan Joseph was adamant that some changes will have to be made before the team can even think about advancing or to really contest for a spot at the U-20 World Cup.“We got two centre-backs that are not centre-backs; we have a centre-midfield converted and we have a centre-forward converted so we have to find two centre-backs. We also don’t have a natural goal-scorer…so we have to think about where [we] could find those level of players,” the Guyanese coach reasoned. Guyana’s Tiandi Smith (#6) caught by Chronicle Sport photographer Samuel Maughn as she was about to score the opening goal for the Lady Jags against Suriname on Sunday last. Guyana defeated Suriname 3 – 1.He further added that “then the last thing we have to think about is just making sure that the players that [are] based here (in Guyana), they have some rhythm and some reputation so that they don’t get left behind, because all the other players are going to go home and play about 30 games between now and the next time and have to find an opportunity for them to do the same.With most of the teams coming from North America, more specifically Canada, Dr Joseph pointed out the lack of women’s football being played in Guyana should not be an excuse to give the players who are locally based a chance to keep up, adding “the lack of local games will be a challenge, but those are the challenges when you’re in Guyana, so you can’t make excuses.”“Our job is to try and figure out where can these girls play on a U-14 Boys team? I know we’re saying that there’s no girl’s league (but) the United States make a habit of playing U-14 Boy’s teams all the time and that’s the number one team in the country, (so) there’s no reason why these ladies can’t play the same. So we have to work with the GFF to see how we could make that happen, because at the women’s level, they’re not going to get the games and the reputation and the games they need,” the Lady Jags’ head coach passionately told Chronicle Sport.Asked about what would be the ideal preparation for his ladies as they await the results from the other groups to determine the other teams in the Round-of-16, apart from of course playing some exhibition games, Dr Joseph explained that “all these players that are here are going to play on the same club team back in Canada; the ones that are based on the GTA and our assistant coach will stay with them at least once or twice a week. The rest of the players here will work with Coach Akilah (Castello), getting what we need.”last_img read more

Oceanport OEM Director, Members Resign

first_imgIn his prepared remarks at the Oct. 18 meeting, Baldanzasaid OEM members have “no confidence in members of thepublic safety and finance committees,” groups that includeborough council members Joseph Irace, Steven Solan andRobert Proto, all of whom are running for reelection on theRepublican ticket in November. Proto said one of the vehicles requested was an “$85,000pickup truck.” Also announcing their resignation from OEM assistant director roles were Chris Baggot, Wes Sherman and Oceanport Chief of Police Michael Kelly. “Over the last two years the chair of the public safety committee, Steve Solan, asked (Baldanza) to tell us how much it would cost to outfit his current vehicle, another taxpayer-funded pickup truck that he drives each day to and from his full-time job in Long Branch. That would have been the most cost-effective and fiscally responsible option for taxpayers. He wouldn’t tell us,” Proto said. OCEANPORT – Ahead of the seventh anniversary of Super Storm Sandy’s New Jersey landfall, a number of the borough’s office of emergency management (OEM) personnel announced they would resign from their volunteer posts, effective Jan. 1, 2020. Proto said it is the responsibility of the OEM director to have a succession plan in place, “but we’ll make sure that the town is not in any risk. When the time comes we will appoint a qualified person to develop a team. The town won’t skip a beat.” The cost of the requested vehicle, Baldanza said, is due to its design, which is based on the potential risk factors the community could face, including severe flooding, hurricane winds and large crowds drawn to Monmouth Park racetrack. In April Coffey said he would not be seeking a second mayoral term, as he felt ineffective in a form of government that limits the powers of the mayor. In the borough form of government, the mayor only has a vote on council matters to break a tie. The mayor does have veto power, but that veto may be overruled by a two-thirds council vote. Proto called the resignations a “political stunt.” Coffey said he will be reaching out to try and convince theOEM members to reconsider. Baldanza disputed Proto’s claim, saying, “It wasn’t untilJune 2019 that I had to text our CFO and ask if the new vehiclewas being funded. I was told it was not. I never heard a wordfrom the public safety or finance committees.” “This is nothing more than orchestrated political theater and it’s upsetting to see the depths that they’re willing to sink to,” said Proto, who was the lone mayoral candidate in the borough before Mayor Jay Coffey, a Democrat, announced his run for reelection in May on an independent ticket with Democrat Meghan Walker and Republican Tom Tvrdik. “Oceanport is built on the backs of volunteers and right now I don’t think our volunteers believe that the majority of the members of our municipal council are supportive of them,” Coffey added. Coffey said the resignation of this OEM leadership group“is a severe blow to our community. But when elected officialsmake volunteers feel unwanted and unsupported and, in turn,the volunteers believe they are not making a difference, thereis a problem.” “It’s been seven years since Sandy has passed and we keep on trying to do a lot of positive things for public safety, and when you just don’t see anything coming back your way, it kind of knocks the wind out of your sails,” Baldanza said in an Oct. 29 interview. The former Oceanport police officer of 30 years has served in an emergency management role for 18 years, including 14 as the OEM director. In a statement delivered at the final borough council meeting before the Nov. 5 general election, OEM director Mauro “Buzz” Baldanza said his passion for the position “has been waning” and attributed that deterioration to a lack of support from community leaders. But Baldanza said the Durango’s engine failed in January 2018 and the repair “would have cost more than the vehicle was worth.” After removing the vehicle from service, according to Baldanza, the OEM submitted two quotes for a new vehicle during a capital request period. Baldanza said he and his assistant OEM directors will remain on until Dec. 31 to help guide the town through hurricane season, as well as to leave time for the mayor and council to identify their replacements. Baldanza said the final straw was the rejection of a request for a new primary emergency response vehicle. He added that the previous vehicle was a 2004 Dodge Durango that had been fully outfitted with radio communications equipment, a laptop computer with internet capabilities and a rear command console for various documents, supplies and electronics. last_img read more

Watson powers Bombers past Hawks in high school hoop action

first_imgThe L.V. Rogers Bombers won for the second time in as many games on the West Kootenay High School Basketball League circuit Thursday, stopping the J. Lloyd Crowe Hawks 71-53 in Trail.Missing some key players off the roster due to injury — including Josh Matosevic to a concussion and Kai Shave — the Bombers hopped on the back of Grade 10 forward Vinnie Watson.The power forward led all scorers with 36 points while pulling down 17 rebounds to led the LVR offence. The game was close for 20 minutes as LVR held period leads of 13-6 and 25-22 at the half.But LVR broke open the close game with a 22-point third period to lead 47-35.Darian Johnson had 10 points for LVR while point guard Robby Dixon added eight.Other scorers included Eamon Studer with seven points, Stryder Scott and Brock Dixon each with four points and Jake Anderson had a bucket.Next up for the Bombers is the annual Blair D’Andrea Boxing Day tournament at the LVR Hangar.Bomber grads from past years form teams to play in the annual one-day affair.last_img read more